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About MiLo Beeswax Products

MiLo Lip Balm is the result of inspiration born from our granddaughter Miah Lopez, her “abandoned product basket” and the family bee farm. As Miah entered her pre-teen years she became interested in beauty products and that interest grew though out her high school years. She was always shopping for the latest beauty product being promoted on social media and after one or two uses the “must have” product would end up in her “abandoned product basket” for reasons that included break outs, product consistency too thick, fragrance to strong, etc… I would often find myself rummaging through the “abandoned product basket” which mostly consisted of lip balms and lotions and the only thing that “wowed” me about these products was the high cost! It was then I realized I had the resources to make a high-quality product for half the cost. I started developing a lip balm made with bee’s wax from our farm. After many prototypes and experimenting on my family I finally perfected the lip balm formula that would become MiLo Lip Balm. To see if it was as good as I thought I decided to expand my test market to include my co-workers and friends. I received rave reviews and when I started receiving requests from my co-worker’s family and friends and friends of friends I realized my lip balm just might be the honeycomb of all lip balms! I am very excited to finally release our first lip balm product to the public and to keep it simple we have three silky and smooth “bee” options to choose from:

  • Peppermint
  • Sweet Orange
  • Beach Balm

Beauty” Tip: In the morning I put the lip balm on first then followed by my lipstick and I night I use the Beach Balm for the relaxing fragrance.

Each tube sells for a sting free price of $3.50 free shipping. All tubes are net wt. 0.15oz. No international shipping at this time.